First collaborative analysis of YouTube Algorithm
Soon, on the 25th of March, we'll coordinate the first collective experiment addressing YouTube! we call it 'we test', and please check out the coordination page:
The page is still under revision (all our content is on git: ), and on 25th 00:00 we'll update the link list and the experiment specifics. 

Together, we'll collect data, release data (nothing personal there, our goal is to analyze YouTube, not the people using YouTube), and do the first collaborative analysis of a social problem such as:
1) is it ok a company decides what is trustworthy and what is not? [ because they did it, they claim to be sucessfull, but without a third-party revision we'll never know:  ]
2) is it ok a company shapes the perception based on indicators you can't control? [ the typical algorithm issue, but addressedd finally with a collaborative observation and 
3) how bad is Youtube conspiracy moderation in languages different from English?