check up delle corde vocali a cura di Arsider 🗣️
check up delle corde vocali a cura di Arsider 🗣️

check up delle corde vocali a cura di Arsider 🗣️

dagli USA, UNREDEEMABLE > il duo di Andrea Pensado e Tracy Lisk, strutture ritmiche fluidificanti e sistemi di sintesi vocale.

Ad aprire la serata un trio di rimpallo delle responsabilità: ARSIDER feat. Erika Sofia Sollo

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🐤 Based in the US since 2002, Andrea Pensado uses voice and electronics to make her music. She studied in Argentina and Poland where she graduated in Composition with honors at the Krakow Academy of Music. Nowadays, she mainly uses digital media and live interactive systems to perform. The voice is constantly interwoven in her music.

🐤 Tracy Lisk, (bowed cymbals / drums) is a percussionist based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Ms. Lisk’s history as a painter informs the substance of her improvisations which contain references to rhythmic structures while maintaining a fluid, suspended continuity.  She has collaborated with Mia Zabelka, William Parker, saxophonist Gary Hassay, Maggie Nicols, renown electronics/voice powerhouse Andrea Pensado, dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara, 77and cellist Helena Espvall among others.

🐤 Erika Sofia Sollo is and improviser based in Turin. Active in the fields of contemporary jazz, improvised and experimental music, focusing on the exploration of the human voice, and on free improvisation, as a soloist or in ensembles.

🐤 Arsider defies the shackles of mundane audio limits. A sonic juggernaut, a relentless force, thrives in distorted chaos, unraveling the unfiltered essence of our societal tumult. Led by the uncompromising Captain and Major Tom, Arsider's extreme audio insurgency navigates through live concerts, protests, and underground scenes. Unleashing compressed, distorted, and stammering acoustics, it's a ferocious avant-garde beast

2 days ago
Radio Blackout 105.250
Via Cecchi 21/a, Torino
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